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Human Health, We Care.

Our Mission:
Improve Medical offers optimal solutions for standard operation in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory and Clinical Nursing in the way of continuous technology and Management innovation, aiming to be the leading supplier of product, service and technology in the correlative industries, so we can maximally achieve all-win among client, staff, society and shareholder.

It is the basis for the continuation of existence; also a fundamental value give to the customers.
Support compliance with all laws, all regulations and all regulatory requirements.
Develop and maintain a consistently high standard.
Safety is first, take improving customer’s safety and efficiency level as our own duty, be responsible for the customers.
Never sacrifice safety in decision-making.

It is the basic guarantee to win in competition; also is our consistent request.
We always do better than yesterday.
Provide the best products and services to customers, keep continuously improving.
Continue to improve our work to form and maintain our competitive advantage.
Advocate clean, etiquette, order.
Each effective actionis due to excellent management.

It is the company's virtue, is also the basis of efficiency
Never deceive customers, keep our commitment to customers.
Keep the company's valuesin mind, don’texpense our valuesbecause of short-term interests.
Achieve the company's stated objectives is the bounden duty of employees.
Be Knowledgeable, and committed to self-improvement.
Company highly confidence and mutual trust to employees, company highly respect andmutual respect to employees.
Companies and employees both have social responsibility.

It is anartistic state, also our advocatory work style; gain pleasurein pursuing of higher, faster, stronger.
Company concerns about the growth of employees, safeguards the interests of employees, creates a happy working environment.
Support each other in working, help each other in learning, care for each other in living.
Understand the different needs between customers and colleagues.
With a happy way to get along with customers and employees, use different methods to solve business problems.
Manage our emotions properly.
Caring people.
Reasonablely balance between work and family.