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Serum separator gel

【Product Name】  Serum separator gel 
【Certificate】 ISO9001、FDA
【Model Number】 YP-G5
【Package type】 20KG/drum
【Appearance】 Semi-transparent viscous colloid
【Shelf life】 24 months
【Storage condition】 Store at 0-30℃(32-86℉)and keep away from light.

Product Details

【Product Usage】

Used as additive for blood collection tubes(Gel&Clot activator tube), Clinical treatment, blood Biochemistry, immunology testing.

【Product feature

* Simple ingredients with stable performance
* Good thixotropy, non-flow and easy to centrifugal
* Non-interference to clinical data
* Resistant to high temperature and radiation
* Used for the IMPROVE MEDICAL vacuum blood collection tubes which are approved by the FDA USA.